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Features designed to make assessing more efficient

Just a few of the features we're proud of.

100% Offline

The ability of assessing everywhere is what makes our platform so powerful. Work anywhere and synchronize your results once you're back in Wifi World.

Customized design

A customized assessment environment that feels like your own. The mobile app can be tailored to your organizations needs with just a few clicks.


The app is already available on iPad and iPhone. We're working hard on the support for an Android client too!


Never worry about manually copying documents again. All your assessment data is automatically synchronized to your database.

Management dashboard

Log-in to the webbased management dashboard to create, edit, delete, assign or review pending and completed assessments.


More Features

There is much more that we'd like to show you. Contact us for an awesome demo.

We thought about your assessment needs!

There's much more to assessing than meets the eye. That's why we implemented the required essentials for good assessing. Think about data encryption, export functionalities and authentication through signatures.

  • AES encypted to protect your data
  • Data export in all leading formats
  • Optional photos and signatures to increase assessment value
  • Customization on demand

Why use an app?

Most assessments are taken in an environment with an unstable WiFi connection. That's why many organization still use paper assessments. They're reliable, but writing things down also means it will take additional effort to digitalize it in a later stage. That's why we created an assessment platform that functions offline and synchronizes your data through our API back to your own database as soon as the assessor is back in WiFi world.

Imagine the extra agility digital assessing will bring to your organization. Performing extra, unexpected, assessments on the fly if the situation requires so.

The extra mile

We understand that a standard solution doesn't always fit your needs. Thats why we offer a set of optional services.
Feel free to contact us for special requirements.

Private Cloud

Storing data in the cloud has become an industry wide standard. But not all data is suited for a shared cloud. That's why we offer to install your database in a private cloud!

Data Analysis

Not everybody has the tools and knowledge to turn data into information. We offer all the tooling you need to analyze your results so you can make the right decisions.

24/7 Support

Maybe you will never need us. But in case you do we're always there to support you. Our engineers and consultants are dedicated to a world class service.


A few snapshots of the platform.

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